Speed is key to success in a digital economy

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In a digital economy the speed at which a business can place its products in front of a customer is key to success.

This is underlined for companies with high value assets which tie up capital and, in the case of vehicles, depreciate.

Put simply, the faster you can move a vehicle from defleet centre to dealer forecourt the better it is for both vendor and buyer.

This thinking underpinned the investment and innovation in the new AutosOnShow turntable solution which enables the operator to take a video and images and load them to a website in six minutes. The high resolution external and internal digital assets feed wholesale platforms and dealer retail websites with customer-ready information.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures. The power of video to engage and inspire through the sales process is well documented, but wider benefits exist for the retailer.

High-quality video content will benefit search engine optimisation (SEO) by attracting links naturally over time, driving the retailer’s site up Google rankings and promoting traffic. While a lot of brands use video content in their online marketing, often SEO experts don’t prioritise it. Consumers are increasingly ignoring banner ads, and video is a format that attracts attention.

Great videos and high quality imagery can also be seeded across the online purchase process. Done effectively, it will drive new and used sales, alongside building service department revenue. It also adds value to the marketing mix to drive more buyers to the forecourt.

The AutosOnShow platform is being rolled out across major dealer groups in the UK and now in Europe.

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