Speed is a key driver of profitability

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All the indicators are pointing to a used car market that is heating up.

Reports from BCA auctions of record sales through August and September point  to strong demand for used vehicles from dealers. As the new car market cools from historically high levels, retailers see an opportunity to boost profit from the used market and some reports indicate a record year for used sales topping 7.7 million vehicle sales.

The speed with which a used car is sold to the consumer from purchase is the key to profitability. This fact is driving higher prices for better quality, retail ready stock and the need to minimise days in inventory for that vehicle. AutosOnShow understands these pressures and has designed a system that is quick and easy to use. A vehicle can be imaged to a high standard and uploaded online within minutes. The platform checks the vehicle’s registration plate and pulls in relevant data to ensure  it is ready to be shared and support search  engine optimisation. The automated process also makes the vehicle’s video and images display easily on sites such as AutoTrader at the push of the button.

AutosOnShow believes the high level of automation and integration with other digital platforms makes it easy to use and promotes easy adoption. Buyers are increasingly walking on to forecourts having selected the car they want to buy. Good images and accurate data have never played a more important role in selling a used car. 

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