Simplicity drives technology adoption

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Dealers recognise that new technology can drive sales and efficiency across car sales and servicing.

The key challenge with any new system is to ensure adoption and usage across a team. Many in the technology sector push this through face-to-face training, but this can build time and cost into the process.

The AutosOnShow platform is built on the belief that innovation is a constant in technology as well as business and the best way to get people to use it every day is to make it easy to use.

This approach has enabled AutosOnShow to introduce the platform across one of the largest dealer groups in the UK in just three months. The benefits of the rapid implementation can already be seen on the dealer group’s bottom line.

Often new technologies are not equally accepted or adopted by people. It is important that technology adoption is a consistent process to enable hesitant users to adopt any new system successfully. AutosOnShow supports users through the process with video tutorials to navigate the easy-to-use system.

The power of high-quality images and video to  extend and enhance a retailer’s brand across key social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook is evident. Good images drive website traffic and  increase the amount of time potential buyers spend on  a dealer’s site.

This approach is seeing the AutosOnShow platform rolled out across major dealer groups in the UK and now in Europe.

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