Maximise sales with video

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Having pioneered the use of high-quality video in automotive retail, AutosOnShow has learnt a few things about how to get the best results.

Video is becoming increasingly more important online. 73 of the top 100 online retailers use video to promote their products, and 90% of online shoppers found video useful in making purchase decisions. With millions of views to inform best practice the advice on shooting great video is constantly evolving to meet consumer habits.

To establish a high-quality shot with the minimum of training AutosOnShow launched a Guided Pause solution.  The new solution means less space is required to film the vehicle. It is easier for the user to record the perfect video and upload can be completed from the device. The software automatically and seamlessly joins the videos together creating a post-processed video.

Training requirements are minimal because the guides are integrated into the application solution.

Once the user has uploaded the video, the software creates a post-processed video allowing a non-trained individual to deliver the same results continuously. Images can be enhanced with automated background replacement.

Online visitors can enjoy beautiful looking scenery that shows off the vehicle in the best possible way. Dealers have access to an online dashboard which centrally manages video and imagery assets. This helps to monitor consistency and quality by editing the image sequences and removing unusable assets.It’s clear with the latest technology, getting great looking video and imagery of stock has never been easier.

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