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Building a rapport with customers before they have driven onto the forecourt or maintaining rapport after they drive away with a new or used car is a perennial problem for dealers.

Building a lasting relationship will increase service revenue, provide multiple points to upsell, and generate repeat business and recommendations. Integrating professional video into the customer journey enhances the customer relationship by providing greater transparency, levels of customer service and opportunities for contact.

Dealerships are often focused on new cars, with used sales coming second on the list of things to sort out, and up-selling aftersales a distant third.

AutosOnShow provides a platform that allows dealers to build a closer relationship with customers, and that will support vehicle sales and recurring, profitable, servicing revenue.

A strategic approach is needed to ensure that all departments in a dealership work together. It is important to take a holistic approach to create a seamless customer process from sales to service.

The AutosOnShow platform can be used to send personalised messages at any point throughout the customer journey, including information about a test drive they have booked, a reminder when a service is due, and from the person they are going to see.

Detailed video can also be taken of the vehicle while  it is in for service to increase transparency and  reduce complaints.

A customer’s preferences can be used to inform videos of vehicles they may find of interest or to accompany a promotional event. 

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