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For retailers of all sizes, social media can be a daunting proposition. Finding a constant stream of content to feed various channels can seem like a full-time job. 

But every dealer has a wealth of content they can share sitting on their forecourts.  Images and videos of vehicles can be easily captured and shared in minutes to provide an authentic and sales focused way to engage with prospective customers. 

People are passionate about cars, and sharing images of the vehicles they love can prove a simple way to build community engagement.  Social media creates a conversation with customers and from this comes engagement, recommendation and purchase.  Over two billion images are shared every day across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter and cars are a staple element of social media.

While social networks may seem like a strange place to explore such a big ticket purchase, today’s consumers prove that car shopping is increasingly a social experience.

According to a CMO Council report on social analytics, 23 percent of car buyers use social media to talk about buying their last car. In fact, the next generation of younger car buyers consume media in an entirely different way and are much less likely to be listening to the local radio station or watching television advertising. 

As part of BCA, Autos On Show understands the automotive industry and has developed a holistic system that allows dealers to take advantage of the opportunities presented by social media. Its technology makes engaging customers easier and more convenient, delivering high quality images and video with real impact.

Grasp the power of social media and become part of the conversation with your customers.

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