Innovation can unlock growth

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Automotive retail continues to evolve apace. The use of data to understand customers has helped to engage buyers in new ways and a continued focus on innovation will help drive sales through the quieter summer months.

The desire to innovate has underpinned the constantly evolving range of products and services at AutosOnShow.

A sales focused approach has driven the development of a flexible range of products, from a full 360° external walk-around video to a sophisticated guided video product that produces a consistent, on-brand video for the exterior and interior.

The men and women who make up Generation X, born from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s, are now 40 or 50 years old. They consume more than 1.5 billion YouTube views every day, and 64% have bought a product or service they saw in a video.

Engaging this affluent audience requires a wealth of digital content that can be used to match the buyer’s digital journey. High-quality video is now an essential part of automotive retail. It feeds websites, classified sites and social media feeds.

Producing large volumes of content can seem challenging, but AutosOnShow has led the industry in streamlining the process to provide a consistently highquality video with the minimum of training.

Changes in customer behaviour need new ways to interact with buyers at every stage of the purchase process. Automotive can lead in digital retail if it continues to innovate and adopt new technologies in sales and service. 

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