Cut through the white noise with video

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With more than 205 billion emails sent a day, cutting through the digital noise has never been harder. On average, about a quarter of emails are opened, with clickthrough rates of about 4%. It is clear the content most likely to be clicked on is that which people feel they have to engage with. Fear of missing out is a powerful incentive and one that drives much of digital and social marketing.

The good news for dealers is that continued investment in innovation by Autos On Show means advanced technology can be used to create content for attractive email and digital campaigns that both grab the attention and generate the engagement crucial to making sales.

The advanced AutoCOMMS marketing solution for vehicle manufacturers and retailers is a centrally managed marketing and communications platform that creates interactive marketing messages around video and image assets created through the AutoCAPTURE solution. It creates time-sensitive interactive video content that informs and engages car buyers researching online. To help in a time-pressured work environment, users can centrally control their content, communicate corporate messages and launch special offers as car buyers search for their next vehicle. Marketing campaigns can be scheduled based on make, model, derivative or any other search criteria desired.

The technology also automatically allows ‘top and tail’ videos to be shown around different vehicle videos, and even allows messages to dynamically appear over existing content to highlight special offers or regional promotions. AutoCOMMS leads potential customers on a journey to the dealership by delivering the right marketing message at the right time to convert browsers into buyers.

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