Consumers demand a seamless experience

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High street retailers have adapted to an omnichannel approach that provides the shopper with a seamless experience between digital and the physical shop. This ‘bricks and clicks’ approach delivers increased engagement with buyers and offers genuine opportunities in the automotive sector.

Dealers understand the power video has to reach and engage a potential buyer. Increasingly, great content is fuelling social media, digital advertising and email campaigns.  But typically, the digital experience is not replicated in the showroom. 
The technology now exists to personalise service across digital platforms and the dealership.  Using digital images in the dealership creates additional opportunities that can engage, inform and entertain customers. It can range from digital inventory to staff introductions and customer testimonials. This can be highly effective in cross-selling vehicles in the service environment. 

Advancing technology now makes running ‘in dealership video’ effortless and scalable across multiple sites at the touch of a button.  A good starting point is a dealership audit to understand the opportunities for digital signage, video Walls, and digital greetings board that allow for personalised content.  

As part of BCA, Autos On Show understands the automotive industry and has developed a holistic system that allows dealers to take advantage of the opportunities presented by mobile video. Its technology makes engaging customers easier and more convenient by allowing retailers to engage with the consumer across any device, across any channel and in any location. 

High street retailers have proven the model and point-of-sale video is a key element in the marketing mix. 

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